Book Review: Braving the Odds by Brig. JK Tomar, VrC (retd)

Looking for an exciting action-packed thriller? Here’s an autobiography written by the Vir Chakra awardee Brigadier JK Tomar, which vividly portrays his journey through the Indian Army, the different phases in the life of an Army Officer and how he battles all of them.

Braving the Odds by Brig. JK Tomar, VrC (retd)

“Braving The Odds: My Journey in Olive Green” is an autobiography of a man who fought valiantly and carved a niche for himself in the history of India. Brigadier Jitendra K Tomar, Vir Chakra (retd) is a voracious reader of Military History. He was decorated during the 1971 Indo-Pak war, with one of the third highest wartime gallantry award of the country, the Vir Chakra by the President Of India, Shri V.V. Giri. During his tenure he held coveted appointments at Brigade, Division and Army Headquarters.

The pages are high quality with coated satin finish, and the book itself is a VERY RARE collect and available online

Brig. (then Major) JK Tomar receiving the Vir Chakra from Shri VV Giri, the then Hon'ble President of India
Brig. (then Major) JK Tomar receiving the Vir Chakra from Shri VV Giri, the then Hon’ble President of India

In his book he recounts the experiences of braving all odds in the face of adversity during his distinguished military career spanning over three decades. The time when an officer dons a uniform, the camaraderie of the units and the duties and tasks of an Army officer. This is a must read for all those aspiring to join the military, the young officers and is a treasure for historians and journalists who want to understand the situation of the Chinese border and Kashmir in the late 20th century.

Brig. Tomar also vividly portrays the “BATTLE OF BALNOI” which he fought under 6/11 Gorkha Rifles / 120 Infantry Brigade near Balnoi in the Poonch/Mendhar sector in Jammu & Kashmir. The Battle Of Balnoi also finds mention in Brigadier NS Malik’s book “The Life Changing Episodes”, where he writes, that he unit got the unprecedented honour of being awarded the prestigious VIR CHAKRA to Major (now Brigadier) J K Tomar on the first day of war itself.

Brig. (then Major) Tomar’s Vir Chakra citation reads:

“Major Jitendra Kumar Tomar was commanding a company of battalion of Rajputana Rifles deployed in an area in the Jammu and Kashmir sector. On 3 December 1971, the company position was subjected to repeated enemy attacks in overwhelming strength supported by heavy artillery. Major Tomar moved from bunker to bunker encouraging his men and repulsed the attacks with heavy losses for the enemy. When the enemy succeeded in seizing a part of the company position, with utter disregard for his personal safety, he led a counter-attack throwing back the enemy after inflicting heavy casualties.

In this action, Major Tomar displayed commendable courage, leadership and devotion to duty.”

The Army HQ allowed December 5th to be celebrated as Balnoi Day to 9th Rajputana Rifles. Brig Tomar is an alumni of Defence Services Staff College, Wellington and the College of Combat (later re-named to Army War College), Mhow and has gracefully written about all his experiences and the support of Mrs. Tomar in the book.

Various high-ranking army officials have commended and congratulated Brig. Tomar for the book, including the Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Bipin Rawat.

By: Ayush Jain

Book Name: Braving The Odds: My Journey in Olive Green
Author: Brigadier Jitendra Kumar Tomar, Vir Chakra (retd)
Publication: Private; On-order (and that’s what makes it rare)
Printed By: EIH Limited-Unit Printing Press, IMT Manesar
Price: INR 500 (paperback)
Purchase link: Click Here

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