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Rishi Kapoor dies in Mumbai at 67

Rishi Kapoor, known for his work in films like Bobby and Chandni, was treated in New York for cancer and returned to Mumbai last year.

First patient treated with plasma therapy in India recovers

The first patient who was administered the plasma therapy treatment in Delhi recovered and was discharged from the hospital on Sunday. He was given plasma treatment after his health kept on deteriorating and showed no improvements.

The Great Lockdown: Economic Challenges Ahead

As the world is engulfed with the coronavirus pandemic, the new chinese virus has caught most of the world economies off-guard, if not all. Here we analyse the impact of the deadly COVID-19 on the financial front in India and worldwide impacts.

Attack on Corona warriors now a non-bailable offence

Central government on Wednesday passed an ordinance making attack on healthcare workers treating Covid-19 patients a non-bailable offence. A jail term of upto 7 years and fine of Rs 7 lakh can be imposed in serious cases.