If no buyers, then production is for whom? : Business Pandemic

Business owners, even after benefiting from the stimulus package, will go out of business in 5-6 months giving irrational reasons for losses. In the coming days Business too will suffer by the shortage of skilled and semi-skilled workforce that will severely affect the production…

How Coronavirus is leading world to a global recession

With many countries being affected by coronavirus, stringent steps have been taken by governments to control the outspread. These steps have taken a toll on businesses and companies and have increased unemployment. Due to this, the future of the global economy remains uncertain.

New Financial Year- Brace For Changes as Govt Refutes Delay

In a press release on march 30, the Finance Ministry clarified that despite the extension of tax-filing returns and linking PAN with Adhar, the financial year will not be extended. The list of changes from this fiscal year have been listed below.