The Virus Hasn’t Left

Does it take a celebrity to test positive for us to be jolted back to the reality that the coronavirus has not left us?

Equine law in India: A Note

Anwita Mukherjee, an equestrian and a Law graduate from Queen Mary university of London writes about Equine law and its indian connections.

Two miraculous survivors in Pakistan Airplane crash

Flight PK 8303 crashed near Karachi airport after reportedly losing engines and pilots giving a mayday call. As many as 66 people have been confirmed dead and 2 have miraculously survived the crash so far.

Till Death Do Us Apart

As a medical emergency in the form of coronavirus ensues, a system of lacking medical facilities for other fatalities stands exposed. A doctor loses his life to overstressed shifts, because God is also human at the end of the day. What will become of his adolescent children and shocked family?