Equine law in India: A Note

Anwita Mukherjee, an equestrian and a Law graduate from Queen Mary university of London writes about Equine law and its indian connections.

Till Death Do Us Apart

As a medical emergency in the form of coronavirus ensues, a system of lacking medical facilities for other fatalities stands exposed. A doctor loses his life to overstressed shifts, because God is also human at the end of the day. What will become of his adolescent children and shocked family?

Heard of digital shaadi? It’s here to stay

The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has brought several industries across the globe to a halt, including India’s $70 Billion wedding industry. But the show is still going on, in a digitalized format.

Pamper yourself to a spa day at home!

For all those who miss the salon pampering post a complete nationwide lockdown, we bring to you some home recipes to pump up your skin and hair.

Quaran’Time’ – Pulse of the People

In our “Pulse of the People” Interview series, we ask our readers a burning question- what are they doing this quarantine? Read on to find out some creative opinions!