A new low in a desperate time!

The Rajasthan Government dangles on a thread of numbers as MLAs lodge in hotels on public expenditure at a time when the populace needs administration the most.

Government allows migrant labours to return home

Ministry of home affairs on Wednesday announced that migrant labourers would now be allowed to return home. It issued an order for states to facilitate travel of migrant workers after mutual agreement between the states.

First patient treated with plasma therapy in India recovers

The first patient who was administered the plasma therapy treatment in Delhi recovered and was discharged from the hospital on Sunday. He was given plasma treatment after his health kept on deteriorating and showed no improvements.

Attack on Corona warriors now a non-bailable offence

Central government on Wednesday passed an ordinance making attack on healthcare workers treating Covid-19 patients a non-bailable offence. A jail term of upto 7 years and fine of Rs 7 lakh can be imposed in serious cases.

The First Stage of Unlocking India

As per PM Modi’s address on April 14, the nation-wide lockdown has to be partially relaxed in some least affected districts from April 20, while the nationwide lockdown must continue till May, 03. As if now, some states have decided to continue with the lockdown till May 3, with limitations relaxations of restrictions, Telangana has extended the lockdown till May 7.