Equine law in India: A Note

Anwita Mukherjee, an equestrian and a Law graduate from Queen Mary university of London writes about Equine law and its indian connections.

Heard of digital shaadi? It’s here to stay

The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has brought several industries across the globe to a halt, including India’s $70 Billion wedding industry. But the show is still going on, in a digitalized format.

Revisiting Charlie Chaplin’s journey on his 131st Birthday

Charlie Chaplin was the pioneer of comedy and satires during the 20th century and his works made everyone remember him for a lifetime. On his 131st Birthday, world needs to take inspiration from his movies while having a great laugh at the same time.

COVID & I – A virologist combating the Pandemic

A passenger in the Air India plane that carried stranded Indian students from Italy back India, Virologist Shree Madhu Bhat recalls her experience from Italy, to back in India exclusively with Prakashak. Read to know how the pandemic unfolded in front of her eyes, with her experience and knowledge interpreting the crisis that stares at humanity for years to come.