India engaged with China to solve border dispute- MEA

Border tensions between China and India escalated in early May and many talks between military officials failed. India on Thursday said that they are engaged with China to solve the issue after Trump offered to mediate between them.


In a reply to US President Donald Trump’s offer of mediation between India and China, India on Thursday said that they are in talks with China to peacefully resolve the issue. Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs Anurag Srivastava said, “We are engaged with China to peacefully resolve this issue” while saying nothing about Trump’s mediation offer and also did not reject third party mediation as had done in the past in case of Pakistan.

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday that he has offered India and China to mediate between them and solve their border issue.

Both sides have moved additional troops along their border, after several talks failed to ease tensions. This standoff began on May 5, when soldiers from both sides clashed on the banks of Pangong Tso leaving many injured. Since then, there have been talks to ease the tensions which have failed and has lead to both sides deploying more army and vehicles on their borders. Diplomats have begun talks from both the sides to reach a conclusion diplomatically and restore peace.

These tensions might have escalated due to the building of a road and bridge in the Galwan sector in Ladakh. China has not only denied construction in the region under its control, it has also asked India to stop infrastructural development on its side of Line of Actual Control. India has stated that it has been developing infrastructure on its borders for the growth and development of population in remote areas and is not aimed at any particular country.

China has been facing criticism from many countries including US, Australia and many European countries over its handling of the virus. Coronavirus first emerged in the Wuhan city in China and since then has spread all over the world affecting over 5Million people. China has also been criticised for its newly introduced law for Hong Kong which passed in Chinese parliament and have been met with massive protests by the people of Hong Kong.

UN has urged India and China to solve their issues and refrain from any further actions that might escalate tensions. Both India and China have said that they are in talks to solve the border issue diplomatically and have a peaceful agreement.

By: Aarushi Batra

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