Digital world rescued a farmer from pandemic situation!

Kasaragod farmer Mr. S N Bhat breaks internet to find buyer for 14 tonnes of ash gourd during lockdown

Over the recent few years of development of technology when the social media started to occupy most of the people’s time, it did hear a lot of curses from all around. At the most apt time has it come to handful use of the needy.

Baikunja Shankar Narayan Bhat from Badiadka, in Kasargod district of Kerala for his own amaze was rewarded with around 14 tons of ash guards in his field. When he saw his hard works go in vain without certain deserved appreciation, his thoughts wandered in search of some kind of solution. He approached the social media at the time of social distancing to reach out the people.

“It’s both surprising and a matter of worry that my yield came in with a higher expected rate but at the wrong phase of time. Amidst my worries, when I was wondering of how to make sure they don’t get dissipated, my few fellow friends suggested to put it on social media and spread a word about it.

Thank you for the social media, which has abled us to connect people during social distancing. The information spread from facebook and watsapp to an extent until it reached the Agri Minister VS Sunil Kumar. He contacted me and discussed about my yields and has decided to make HORTICOP buy my yields to make sure they be provided and utilized in apt manner.

Now my yields are being transported by HORTICOP to different areas and sources where people can buy them. I am happy to know that even during this lockdown and pandemic circumstance, my yields wouldn’t be of waste but shall be utilized wisely to help and fulfill the desire of the needy. I am happy and grateful to be satisfying numerous people with my 14 ton of yield. I shall always be grateful for the minister, the horticop and others who have helped me through in and out of social media.” shares SN Bhat.

“Speaking to SN Bhat and discussing the matter, we have decided that HORTICOP will buy all the yield available from him”, tweeted the Agri Minister, VS Sunil Kumar.

By : Disha Bhat

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