Indian- Origin Miss England Chooses Gloves Over Crown

Bhasha Mukherjee, Miss England winner of 2019 is of Indian origin who returned to UK to work with NHS in this threatening time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Miss England 2019 Bhasha Mukherjee donned the white coat to join the frontline amid the coronavirus pandemic. The 24-year old doctor by profession has a specialization in respiratory medicine. The Indian beauty hails from Kolkata, and after being crowned Miss England, took a break from her field of medicine..

Bhasha has worked for many overseas charities. During the coronavirus outbreak she returned to UK to work for t on the frontline. Notably, England has a high record of Coronavirus cases and even PM Boris Johnson is admitted over persistent symptoms, with even Prince Charles of the Royal Family being diagnosed with the virus in the past.

 She was actively involved in charity work, in nations like Turkey, those in Africa and Asia including India and Pakistan, and had been in India at the beginning of March for four weeks on behalf of Coventry Mercia Lions Club, a development and community charity for which she was ambassador.

She recalled that she decided to go back to UK after listening from her friends in Boston about the frightening situation  of the coronavirus outbreak.. Her old colleagues in Pilgrim made her aware about the situation.

She immediately contacted the hospital which was her previous work place and  her expressed her willingness to  get back to work.

It was not justified to her that her countrymen are dying and she was enjoying the notoreity the Miss England crown gave her

“When you are doing all this humanitarian work abroad, you’re still expected to put the crown on, get ready… look pretty. I wanted to come back home. I wanted to come and go straight to work,” she said.

Mukherjee, who moved to the English city of Derby from Kolkata at the age of 9, said: “I felt a sense of this is what I’d got this degree for and what better time to be part of this particular sector than now.”

Mukherjee added, It was incredible the way the whole world was celebrating all key workers, and I wanted to be one of those, and I knew I could help. There’s no better time for me to be Miss England and helping England at a time of need.”

Mukherjee is self-isolating for one to two weeks until she can return to work as a doctor at the Pilgrim Hospital. She specializes in respiratory medicine but said doctors are currently being rotated to wherever they are needed. She proved to be a great example to humanity.

By: Shreyanshi Jha

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