Indian railways develop low cost ventilator, awaits approval from ICMR

Indian Railways have developed a low cost ventilator at a factory in Kapurtala. Its prototype has been sent for approval from ICMR. If approved, it can help in India’s fight against Coronavirus.

The Indian Railways has developed a lost cost ventilator ‘Jeevan’ at its Kapurtala Rail Coach factory. They now seeks approval from Indian Council of Medical Research, after which they are all set to start its mass production. They estimate that once into production, 100 such ventilators can be produced everyday.

India’s number of Covid-19 patients are rising rapidly. Severe cases of Covid-19 require the help of ventilators in breathing as the disease majorly affects the functioning of lungs. The number of ventilators available in India is a maximum of 57,000 each costing 5 lakh-15 lakh, while the number of ventilators that would be required if the cases kept soaring is much more. In the worst-case scenario, India would require somewhere between 110,000 and 220,000 ventilators, which would thus create a severe shortage of an equipment essential to save lives of people fighting against Coronavirus.

The prototype of the ventilator prepared by the railways has been made from materials found in the factory: portable compressor from air cooling machine, body from coach components, argon flow metre from laser welding machine and microprocessor from coach information system. They thus were successful in developing an emergency ventilator at one-third cost of conventional ventilators. If approved, these ventilators can help India’s healthcare system fight against coronavirus to a great extent.

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