Nrityantine: Dancers creativity to chase pandemic from remote location

During the time of lockdown there is no doubt that the dance video has released a positive vibe among the audience : Dr M Mohan Alva


The pandemic, that made us powerless within the month of its appearance has been traumatizing the whole mankind. While everything seems to be falling apart, around 22 artist have closed this social gap and filled it by their elegant entertainment.

A 4.22 minute Bharatanatyam video in the name of “Tillana” has proved that art can not be brought down even during this quarantine. This beautifully compiled video is brought to you by the alumnus of Alva’s Education Foundation, Moodubidire, Karnataka, who worked hard even while they reside in different parts of the state. The guidance of social distancing worked efficiently in making this video. The word Nrityantine evidently breaksdown to Dance and Quarantine.

Rachna Amin is an alumnus of Alvas journalism department and the master mind behind this idea said, “On the 1st of May 2020, the first video named “Maathe” was released on YouTube, in which 23 artists have showcased the skill of dance. This video received tons of appreciation and that lead to the release a second series of the Nrityaantine” .

We were forced to take this leave due to Corona, time with this rather than wasting it with procrastination a thought of doing something new flashed on to me, so I shared this idea with my fellow mates of the dance team of Alvas and to my surprise they had a positive response to my idea and they were excited to be a part of this project, the video was shot in a span of 15 days and Maurya. S. Aravind helped us by compiling the individual videos into one”, she added.

Rachna Amin (Mijar), Smrithi.S.Bhat (Hassan), Bimbika.J.Rao (Sullia), Sneha (Moodubidire), Anjali Sondhkar (Athani) Dhanya.R.Hegde ( Siddapura), Parvathi Deekshith(Dharwad), Shobith. B (Puttur), Adithya Prabhu ( Karkala), Niveditha.T ( Hassan), Suvarsha Gowda( Mandya), Leela Rashmi K (Bangalore), Sanjana Muruli (Mysore), Kalashri Acharya (Kundapura), Lidhina P.M (Kodagu), Nishchitha Kottari (Bangalore), Yajna Rai (Sullia), Sumanth S (Hassan), Deeksha Bhise ( Vijayapura), Deeksha.S. Hiremath(Bellary), Sahana Sholapukar (Belagavi), Chandana Ananthakrishna ( Tumkuru) are the dancers that helped this video to recieve all its success. All of these participants have filmed their videos in the surrounding of their houses.

Appreciating the efforts of the students, Alva’s Education Foundation Chairman Dr M Mohan Alva, said “During the time of lockdown there is no doubt that the video has released a positive vibe among the audience “.

To emphasize, Chandana Ananthakrishna, who is an actress, a former contestant of Big Boss-Kannada and an alumni of Alvas College and it’s Bharatanatyam and Theatre studies student has been a sport in making of the video. She voluntarily decided to make this video efficient by being a part of it.

By : Viona Guptha

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