Pamper yourself to a spa day at home!

For all those who miss the salon pampering post a complete nationwide lockdown, we bring to you some home recipes to pump up your skin and hair.

Gauri Joshi Beauty Model for Prakashak

In our staycation, all of us are doing something or the other. Hours of social media or binge-watching our favourite shows, or attending meetings and online classes has become a routine. Apart from everyone taking up multiple duties of cooking, cleaning and washing, we have no time to look after ourselves! Or we feel, we don’t have kits or the facility of spa treatments.

No more! The fridge and kitchen have a variety of ingredients we can use to pump up our skin and hair, and it is very much possible to follow a skincare and haircare routine or spa even in this lockdown.

Curd- A Master Ingredient


If you thought that curd was only for lunch dishes and beverages, you are highly mistaken. Since ages, curd is used in beauty treatments because of its natural cleansing properties. Soaps can be harsh, and have basic pH which is not good for our skin balance. Curd has lacto-bacillus that naturally cleanses the skin pores and restores moisture in skin and hair.

For Skin, take a few spoons of plain curd and massage on your face and neck. Follow circular movements as you do so, to naturally cleanse the pores. Leave on for two minutes and rinse with cold water, for supple skin. You can follow this regime twice a day, or atleast once or twice a week. It acts as a natural cleanser.

For Hair, mix equal portions of your favourite conditioner with curd and mix well. I used a compact bottle of L’oreal Casting Creme Gloss with a bowl of curd, and left it for two hours for silky smooth hair. This treatment is exceptionally beneficial for those with colour-treated and smoothened hair like mine, which feel lifeless after a point of little care.

You can also mix curd with henna while colouring your hair at home, this will reduce its dryness.

Tea: Your Skin and Hair Love It!

If you thought only you crave the morning cup of eye-opening tea, you aren’t fully aware. The anti-oxidants present in tea are beneficial for both skin and hair. You may use normal tea, but green tea has an edge when it comes to skin.

For Skin, mix dry green tea leaves with one tablespoon of honey and a few drops of lemon. This acts as the next step to your curd cleanser, and exfoliates the skin for any residue. It leaves the skin feeling fresh, soft and clean.

For Hair, bring a mug-full of water to a boil and add one spoon of tea, one spoon of honey and juice of one full lemon. Strain the mixture and cool it. Rinse your hair with this concoction for soft, smooth hair.

Something for the Coffee-Lovers

Coffee is a great exfoliator too, and exceptional for skin, lips and hair.

You can make a DIY coffee scrub with honey and brown/powdered sugar, which will make the lips softer and remove dark patches due to make-up and lipsticks.

Brew some coffee, and freeze it. You can add rosewater and glycerin to the icecubes. Applying this in a circular motion to under-eyes will reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Add coffee to henna packs to reduce the orange tinge, and make it more natural to the Asian hairshade.

Chickpea powder is not just for Pakoras!

If you don’t already know, the besan you use for deep-fried pakoras doubles up as an exceptional facepack and de-tans the skin. It can also be used for hair treatments. It is an age-old treatment to lessen hair growth on skin too.

For skin, take as many spoons of besan as the area of skin you wish to target. For face, take two tablespoons while for arms and legs, take additionally 4 each. You can also use wheat flour in equal ratio with besan. Add a few drops of mustard oil, a pinch of turmeric and three tablespoons of milk. Add water till it forms a paste, and apply to face and limbs. Leave till semi-dry, and then scrub it off. Repeated use will deliver less hair-growth.

Use dry chickpea flour with half-sliced tomato and some powdered sugar to remove skin tan.

For hair, mix some besan with your beaten egg to give a boost to your traditional home-made protein mask. You can alternatively use banana paste and curd, with mustard oil.

Rice Water- An Elixir

Before you strain off the ricewater after soaking rice overnight, or boiling it for lunch, think twice.

Ricewater has been used in Korean treatments for ageless skin and hair. Rice wine increases the collagen in the skin, which keeps your skin supple and helps prevent wrinkling.

Use it as a toner by filling 3-4ths of your spray bottle with it, and add a spoon each of glycerin, aloe-vera gel and coconut oil to it. You can add Apple-cider vinegar to it for best results.

Sugar, yes please!

Sick of seeing your hair growth on the limbs and face, ladies? Don’t worry, you can make your own wax at home!

For normal wax, caramelize sugar and add lemon and honey to it. Allow to become cool to touch, and then use old denim or coarse material strips to wax off the hair growth.

If you were accustom to chocolate or fruit wax, mix them instead of lemon and honey to the sugar caramel. Use powdered cocoa for chocolate wax, and dried orange zest or fruit powder using dry fruit peels.

I hope you whip up these amazing beauty recipes and pamper your grandparents, parents, siblings and everyone living at your home! Take turns mastering your salon skills, who knows the next salon stop becomes your venture!

By: Gauri Joshi

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