A new low in a desperate time!

The Rajasthan Government dangles on a thread of numbers as MLAs lodge in hotels on public expenditure at a time when the populace needs administration the most.

The Virus Hasn’t Left

Does it take a celebrity to test positive for us to be jolted back to the reality that the coronavirus has not left us?

India crossed 5 lakh cases now 4th worst effected country

India has been witnessing a steep rise in the number of Covid-19 cases. As it spreads at a very fast pace, it is advised to stay at home unless absolutely necessary to go out. That’s the only way you can keep yourself safe from Coronavirus.

Rise in corona cases, decline in testing in India

India has witnessed rapid surge in Coronavirus cases and deaths in past few weeks. But the testing capacity in many states has remained low at a time it should have been ramped up. Delhi and Mumbai, some of the worst affected regions are witnessing low testing levels.

Till Death Do Us Apart

As a medical emergency in the form of coronavirus ensues, a system of lacking medical facilities for other fatalities stands exposed. A doctor loses his life to overstressed shifts, because God is also human at the end of the day. What will become of his adolescent children and shocked family?