Homecoming: 5 Special trains to bring back the stranded

The Railways suspended their operations on the onset of Lockdown 1.0. It was the first time in 167 years that Asia’s oldest rail network had been suspended. It began its operations on the symbolic day of Labor Day on May 1, which has its origin in labor union movement.

Heard of digital shaadi? It’s here to stay

The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has brought several industries across the globe to a halt, including India’s $70 Billion wedding industry. But the show is still going on, in a digitalized format.

Bureaucratic Front liners back at work

Officials have said that PM Narendra Modi have asked the Ministers to start work from office, in order to motivate and instill confidence in people that the government establishments are moving towards a state of normalcy.

Quaran’Time’ – Pulse of the People

In our “Pulse of the People” Interview series, we ask our readers a burning question- what are they doing this quarantine? Read on to find out some creative opinions!