Narendra Modi

Lockdown extends till 3rd May!: PM Modi announced

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India’s fight against coronavirus is moving ahead very strongly and the country has been able to avert considerable damage due to sacrifice of the countrymen.

Bollywood on a Halt?!

To fight an invisible enemy that is claiming health and lives worldwide, the Indian government took that hardest decision by a world leader under PM Modi by imposing a nationwide lockdown. This lockdown is unbiased for everyone and does not depend on caste, creed and career.

PM Apologises to nation in Mann Ki Baat, Speaks to recovered Patients

The month-end radio address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi focussed on phonecalls he made to recovered patients, doctors and sharing social media posts of people to instil hope in a nation, or the world, faced by an unprecedented, first in a century or generation issue.