“There is a very major lesson for us”: CDS Gen Bipin Rawat on CoronaVirus Crisis

The tri-services chief General Bipin Rawat told about the preparedness of the defence services against the pandemic and praised the collective efforts of all Indian citizens.

The Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat on Sunday in various interviews asserted the importance of the indigenisation of manufacturing and how it is helping in the battle against the new Chinese virus.

The tri-services chief applauded the research work going on by medical professionals, their innovative ideas and the commencement of indigenous manufacturing of equipments. “In a short span, we have started making ventilators in our country, PPEs are being manufactured here”. He also commended DRDO’s research, development and production of the N99 mask, which provides greater efficiency in air filtering than the N95 mask.

“There’s a lesson for us in the defence services”, he remarked. Upholding the importance of Make in India initiative by the Government of India, he stated that instead of importing and development of weapons, equipment and ammunition if we can give this challenge to our booming manufacturing industry and academia it would greatly help getting the ball in India’s court and the Indian Armed Forces will not have to be dependent on other countries for the same. It would also immensely improve and ensure constant supply of arms and ammunition so that there would be a lot less hassle for their storage and disbursement. “The time has now come to be self reliant. And the nations have to learn to live by themselves”.

Adding, he said “Therefore, it becomes very important that we start addressing the issue of in-house manufacturing” and insisted that India now has to support other countries rather than being supported, if we aim to become a regional power.

“We have to serve the people of India. And to do that in the best manner possible, we need to apply preventive measures for ourselves first”, said the General regarding the preparedness of the Armed Forces to deal with the issue. 

He also stated that all the orders, recommendations and directives which are being regularly received from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare are implemented and also praised the additional hardwork done by the medical professionals in the armed forces.

By: Ayush Jain

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