What is Brahmastra? -The deadliest weapon in Indian epic!!!

It is the most dreadful weapon and if it is discharged once, no counterattack can stop it except another brahmastra. And if two of these similar weapons collide, that will be the end of the earth.

Brahmastra in Indian Epic

What is Brahmastra?

The war of Kurukshetra is considered as the first huge war of the world because of its destructive nature and the enormous devastating consequences. Though the war extended for 18 days only but its impact was vicious. In the era of bows, arrows and swords, how was it possible to destroy almost whole civilization? As an answer, you can find the existences of ‘daivi astras’ (divine weapon). The brahmastra, pashupatastra, BrahmShira etc. are instances of those. Among these weapons, the brahmastra is considered as the deadliest as it could destroy multidimensional area at one go and had severe after effects in several areas. According to the ancient Sanskrit scripts, Lord Brahma created this. It is the most dreadful weapon and if it is discharged once, no counterattack can stop it except another brahmastra. And if two of these similar weapons collide, that will be the end of the earth. This was created by Lord Brahma and could be used on a specific army or an individual to completely annihilate them. But this is not the end of the effects of this fatal arm. This weapon could make long lasting environmental massacre. The rainfall ceased for several years and devastating drought would take place on the land where it was hurled, including many surrounding areas. Its power knew no bounds and could end the human civilization by making the male and female both infertile. Children could be born with physical and mental disabilities in him/her.

What is the Relation of Brahmastra and the Mahabharata?

The first mention of Brahm Astra can be found in the epic, the Ramayana. Lord Ram received it from his teacher Saint Viswamitra. You can get many instances of releasing brahmastra there, but no incidents are that much devastating. It was because Lord Ram and Indrajit, both knew the ways to take the weapon back after hitting the target. Why in the Mahabharata it was so destructive? Basically, in this epic there were few warriors like Bhisma, Parshuram, Drona, Karna, Arjuna, Kripa and Ashwatthama who were acquainted with the knowledge to invoke the weapon. The former three and Kripa were well aware about the devastating nature of using it. Though Karna had the knowledge but he was cursed by his teacher Parshuram that he would forget the chant to invoke brahmastra. So, what is the story of brahmastra, Ashwatthama and Arjun? Ashwatthama, son of Dronacharya, got brahmastra from his father but he didn’t know the method to take the weapon back. Out of rage and jealousy, he went to kill all the Pandavas after the Kurukshetra War. But, by mistake, he killed all the five sons of them. Out of rage, the Pandavas with Lord Krishna followed him. Then Ashwatthama discharged Brahmastra at Uttara’s (Abhimanyu’s wife) womb to kill the unborn child who was the only heir of the Pandavas. Krishna saved the child. Arjuna also discharged his brahmastra as another similar weapon could destroy it. But Saint Vyas, Lord Krishna and many sages told them to take their weapon back, fearing about the lethal outcome. Arjuna took it back but Aswatthama couldn’t. As a result, Lord Krishna cursed him to be immortal and completely deserted from human civilization with severe wounds, scars and diseases.

Why Brahmastra is considered as Modern Nuclear Bomb

  • In the 20th century everyone has seen the devastating outcome of the nuclear weapon. The burning memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still in human’s mind. Like the outcomes of brahmastra, after the nuclear blast, huge area of these cities were under the effect of severe drought, less or no rainfall, no greeneries because of continuous radiation, infertility in people and physically and mentally retarded childbirth and many thing more.
  • The inventor of the modern day atom bomb, Robert. J. Oppenheimer was not only a scientist but also an authority of Sanskrit literature. It is him who went through the idea of brahmastra and became the supervisor scientist of the project of making atom bomb. This project was named ‘Trinity’ and scientists worked on it from 1939 to 1945. This atom bomb was first launched on 16th July, 1945.
  • Now, what are the proofs that brahmastra was a nuclear weapon. With the similarity of its effect you can consider it. In the Mahabharata, the Souptik Parva has detail description of the effects of brahmastra (chapter 13-15). If you concentrate on the date of the existence of Mahabharata and the Indus Valley Civilization, both are dated back 5000-7000 BCE. From the archeological expeditions in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, several numbers of skeletons were found in a place. After scientific research, it is proved that they died due to the creation of immense heat (around 1500 degree centigrade). Such heat could be created only by nuclear reaction. Even there are some evidences of radiation found on those skeletons. Even the bricks of an area have signs of melting. As there were no signs of volcanic eruption, scientists have not found any good reason than atomic explosion.
  • Even on the other parts of countries, skeletons and areas have been found with the effect of radioactive activities similar to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For example, a city, found at the banks of Ganges near the Rajmahal Hill, was subjected to immense heat.
  • Strange evidence is found in Mumbai. It is a huge crater of 2154 diameter. It is thought to have a connection with the nuclear explosion and dated 50,000 BCE.

Still, it is under question if these are the effects of the Brahmastra released by Ashwatthama. Scientists are working on finding the evidence to prove the relationship between the Brahmastra and Nuclear Weapon. The day the truth will come at the daylight, the history of this great country will be enriched more than before.

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