World is searching for Indian ‘Sanjeevini’ -Hydroxychloroquine

The malarial drug is produced abundantly in India, and a small French study links it to the treatment of the novel coronavirus.

Little did the world know that the nation of ‘snake-charmers’, as reported by western media in the past, will be sought after as countries scramble to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus has alerted leaders after it claimed lives of around 87,000 people worldwide. Nobody is untouched from the adversity of this disease found in bats, which still has no cure or vaccine after almost 6 months of being in global news. UK PM Boris Johnson is admitted to the ICU after his persistent symptoms haven’t subsided. Even the royal blue blood could not defend itself as Prince Charles contracted the virus from a charity function last month.

As healthcare workers and researchers grappled for relief, the anti-malarial drug cloroquine began being prescribed as a defence for doctors and nurses who should not contract the virus while treating patients.

India is a leading producer of this drug, and hence began being sought internationally for its supply. But the boom in cases in our country forced the government to ban its export.

US President Donald Trump warned of retaliations if India did not release the supply which he claimed was “promised” to the US. Brazil PM Jair Bolsonaro, who is also known for his harsh stance, took a softer route and compared India’s help to the incident when Lord Hanuman brought Sanjeevani to cure Lord Ram’s brother, Lakshman.

Trump’s reaction is seen as a frustrated attempt to gather resources as his country sees escalated cases and deaths amid late decisions on the part of the US government. He also threatened the WHO of withholding funds, accusing it of supporting and protecting China.

India said later in the day that it will supply hydroxychloroquine to “some nations” that have been badly affected by coronavirus pandemic.

US President Donald Trump tweeted, “Extraordinary times require even closer cooperation between friends.” He added, “Thank you India…for the decision on HCQ…Thank you PM Narendra Modi for your strong leadership in helping not just India, but humanity…in this fight!”

PM Modi replied to him. “Times like these bring friends closer. The India-US partnership is stronger than ever. India shall do everything possible to help humanity’s fight against COVID-19,” the PM tweeted. “We shall win this together,” he added.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro also thanked PM Narendra Modi for allowing the export of raw materials to Brazil to produce Hydroxychloroquine amid coronavirus. “As an outcome of my direct conversation with Prime Minister of India, we will receive, by Saturday, raw materials to continue our production of Hydroxychloroquine,” he said. “I thank him…for this timely assistance,” Bolsonaro added.

PM Modi is known for his personal rapport with several world leaders. From Former US President Obama to now President Trump, he has made it a point to establish cordial and warm relations with world leaders of Asian countries, those of the Middle East, of western nations and also maintain a neighbour’s generosity with Bhutan and Nepal.

By: Gauri Joshi

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